Complimentary Therapies including Reflexology, Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage
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Complementary Therapies:
Swedish Massage / Holistic Massage


If you have never had a massage before then
Swedish massage would be the best one to try first.

Swedish massage is carried out by the therapist using different techniques such as gliding, stroking, kneading and pounding to release those tired knotted muscles.


Massage warms the muscles increasing the blood flow to the areas to begin the healing process followed by the therapist stretching and soothing the tissues to relax the muscle fibres.


This will help to promote relaxation or stimulation, enable more suppleness and flexibility in the muscles. Massage also gives a greater sense of overall wellbeing.


Swedish massage is very good for aches and pains, headaches, backaches, insomnia and so much more.


Frequently asked questions


Do I have to undress?

Yes you will need to take your outer garments off, leaving your under ware on. Our therapists will leave the room while you undress and ask you to lie under towels. Every part of the body will be covered with towels apart from the area they are working on.


Do I have to be quiet?

The treatment is yours and you choose if you would like to be quiet or have a conversation, generally we feel that you would benefit more from a quieter treatment for relaxation purposes.


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